Linda Henman

Linda was born in St. Louis, MO, but spent her life moving place to place before settling down in Hanahan, SC in 1985. This is where she raised her family- 3 lovely daughters that have given her 6 beautiful grandchildren. She also taught in Berkeley County schools for 28 years, before retiring in 2015. Aside from her grandchildren keeping her busy, she also has an adorable pack of doxies to keep her company at home. As an animal lover her whole life, it was an exciting new venture to enter the veterinary world, and join our team as an office assistant! You would think that would be more than enough on her plate, but Linda also enjoys bible study, baking, crocheting, and facebooking!

Emmet Otter

My name is Emmet Otter, and I work at Best Friend’s Animal Clinic. I am their guard dog, mascot, therapist, and muse. I came in as a very sick little puppy, they were not even sure I would make it through the next few days. Dr. Mokos and her staff put their heads and hearts into it and nursed me back to health. When I was finally healthy enough and strong enough, they started looking for my forever home. After a couple tries at placing me, Mom finally realized what I always knew, I was already exactly where I belonged! I mean where else are you going to find a home where your mom is a doctor? She’s will keep me healthy, and I get to go for rides with her every day, she even has my own staff of minions to do my bidding! Not to mention all the adoring fans that pop in here and there just to say hello to me, and sometimes they even bring my doggie friends! Thank you all for being our friends here at Best Friends Animal Clinic.

Wendy Seay

Wendy was born and raised in New York. She was always the type of person to bring home strays- cats, dogs, birds, snakes- you name it, she would rescue it. She has always had a passion for helping animals. After a stint in Virginia, where she worked her way through nursing school, and then decided she would rather work with animals, she moved to South Carolina. Once she settled in, she became involved with the SPCA, and started taking every certification class that was offered. She still has a passion for shelter animals and rescue, and is glad to be a part of a veterinary clinic that works with both. As Head Receptionist, she has great compassion for all of our clients and their furry families, and enjoys being able to help however she can. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her grandbabies, and of course, her own two rescues, Babs the Boston and Ol’ Wild Bill. Many of you had the pleasure of meeting Bill while he lounged around sunning in our lobby, but after a weekend at Wendy’s, they both decided it was time for him to be an apartment cat instead of a clinic cat.

Bryanna Brown

Bryanna was born and raised in Southport, North Carolina. She moved down to South Carolina in 2012, and finished high school. Bry has always loved animals, and was interested in a job where she would be able to both help and spend time with them. Shortly after graduation, she began pursuing that dream, and ultimately began working at Best Friends Animal Clinic as a receptionist. She quickly learned the job, and enjoys interacting with our clients and snuggling their pets. She currently has her own dog named Athena, and a cat named Storm. She doesn’t know what the future holds for her, and she is okay with that. Her goal is to stay in this field she loves, spend lots of time with her family, make a difference where she can, and see where life takes her. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending quality time with her family, going to the lake, and crocheting.


AKA Wild Bill or Bill Bill. Billy joined our office a little over a year ago after he was found wandering in the ‘tundra’ behind one of our technician’s houses. Despite his ear tip that marked him as a feral cat, he settled in rather quickly. He spent his first couple days with us hiding in his kennel, then he started to meander down the hallway, then ventured up towards the front of the building. He now spends most of his days lounging in the sunshine and soaking up love from all of our employees as well as our wonderful clients. Ol’ Wild Bill loves kittens, and if there is one in the building for the day, he can usually be found nearby.